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  • Ray L., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    After years at a big box gym with little to no results I found Steve and Revolution. Finally a place that cares about you and your personal goals. No sales pitch, no trendy diets/fitness programs just results via tried and true methods! Steve changed my life and the lives of everyone in my home with a new outlook on diet and fitness. I don't know of a better gym in the city!

    Ray L.
  • Barbara M., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    I have worked out with Steve Bubel at Revolution Fitness since February of this year. Steve has not only taught me how to properly and effectively work out for MY body, but he has also taught me the importance of nutrition as part of an overall health and fitness plan. I have been to several personal trainers, big gyms, small gyms, small group classes…you name it…with minimal results. Since going to Revolution Fitness, I have lost 20 lbs body fat, dropped 2 pant sizes, dramatically improved my muscle tone, have more energy, and found a group of people who I genuinely enjoy working out with. For me, what is different about this gym is Steve is not some guy who has worked out his whole life and decided he would "train" people to make a living. He has a Masters degree in Kinesiology and has trained professional athletes. He knows what he is doing and has a passion for fitness - it is infectious at this gym.

    Barbara M.
  • Allison H., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    After years of being stuck on the hamster wheel of weight loss and fitness, I FINALLY found Revolution. Steve Bubel is extremely knowledgeable and applies that towards your total well-being. I started working out with Steve over 4 years ago. I lost weight with Steve and have successfully kept it off. Bonus, the gym continues to evolve and get better. If you have aches and pains Revolution will get to the core of the problem and help you feel better. If you want to get in shape Revolution is the gym for you. If you are a professional athlete Revolution will help with all aspects of your health and training. Stop thinking about and just go do it.

    Allison H.
  • John N., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    This place is INCREDIBLE! Just finished my first workout with Steve and his team. This is a great environment filled with talented/trained coaching. Looking forward to getting back in there next week!

    John N.
  • Shyra W., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    The absolute best training facility in San Antonio! The trainers go above and beyond to ensure you meet your personal goals!!! Great motivators and great workouts!

    Shyra W.
  • Roy G. , Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Steve Bubel has been my personal trainer for over 15 years. He and his staff at Revolution are exceptional. They are friendly and very knowledgeable regarding fitness and nutrition. They design an individual routine that is based on your level of fitness and goals. Through the years my own personal goals have changed along with my fitness level; which is much better. Steve has changed my exercise program to match. He keeps it challenging but not impossible....and never boring! There is a feeling of accomplishment at the end of your work out.

    Roy G.
  • Rose M., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Revolution Sport & Fitness is an awesome place to be. For me, it's like a second home and it's a very inspirational place to be. Steve and his trainers have played an integral role in helping me gain strength both physically and mentally. After an accident years ago, I've had goals that have been very difficult to achieve on my own. I couldn't imagine getting this far without them and I would recommend this gym to anyone.

    Rose M.
  • Analise P., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    I have been a part of Steve's group training classes since May of 2014 and have enjoyed expanding my fitness journey! Steve continues to challenge me physically every week and teaches me new things about my fitness, health, and eating habits that have expanded my knowledge and shrunken my waistline! I am constantly telling him how hard the workouts are and I am always coming back for more! I highly recommend his group classes if you are looking to challenge yourself physically in new ways.

    Analise P.
  • Ray L., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    The #1 best gym in San Antonio! Steve, Kevan, and crew are top notch human performance specialists who have the experience, knowledge, and tools to take your training to optimum levels! I've lost 65+ pounds since I moved from a local big-box gym to Revolution. I'm leaner, stronger and faster thanks to the professionals at Revolution! Thanks a bunch guys!!

    Ray L.
  • Fletcher R., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Amazing facility and staff!

    Fletcher R.
  • Rene M., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Steve used to be my workout partner for almost 2 years in the late 90’s. He’s very creative when it comes to any kind of workout programs and this is why I always have this motivation to workout with Steve Bubel. This place is highly recommended!!!

    Rene M.
  • A P., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    My husband and I have been working out with Steve for 5 years. His dedication, knowledge, commitment to his clients AND RESULTS, keep us coming back for more. This is not a gym for workout fads, this is the REAL DEAL. The workouts are totally tailored for each individual's needs and goals. It's a good sign when the majority of their clients stay for years..... That should tell you something! If you try one personal training studio in town, try this one..... If you can get in!

    A P.
  • Joshua B. , Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Revolution is hands down the best facility in San Antonio. Steve leads a great staff that not only connects on a personal level but the training is very cerebral and literature-based (no Bro Science here).  Check these guys out for one-on-ones or group classes located in a great area.

    Joshua B.
  • Holly J., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Revolution Sport and Fitness is an amazing gym. The owner and lead trainer puts safety first and always keeps the workouts fun and challenging!

    Holly J.
  • Greg B., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    I've known Steve for a long time and his commitment to his profession and to his clients is not at all surprising.  He possesses a unique blend of brains (geek), brawn (he walks the walk) and experience that definitely bodes well for anyone who's seriously seeking positive change in their health and human performance standing.  You get one shot at life so I am always confused as to why people half-heartedly tinker with their present and future life expectancy/quality.  At Revolution one thing is for sure.  Everyone there is in it for the long haul!  Get stronger, get fitter, live longer, live better...  Intelligently!  Revolution Sport & Fitness provides this opportunity.

    Greg B.
  • Alison F., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    A friend told me about this place so we tried a class and got hooked.  The one hour calorie burning workouts are always challenging, efficient, well-designed and taught by instructors who are friendly, knowledgeable and help you work around any physical injuries/ailments you may have.  You are guaranteed a great workout but it's not a class to take if you have been out late and had a little too much to drink the night before.  Grab a buddy (friend, spouse or your son or daughter) and give it a try!  Class workouts put two or three people together per station so you are not working out alone. If you don't like classes, you will love the personal training sessions.  There is something there for everyone and every age.

    Alison F.
  • Jan P., Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    I have been going to Revolution for the past 5 months or so and it has been truly life-changing.  I am a physician and underwent back surgery last year for a herniated disk.  I wanted to strengthen my back as my work is very physical and I am on my feet most of the day.  Steve was very thorough in addressing my particular needs before starting training to avoid injury and has been meticulous in slowly progressing the intensity to meet my goals.  I am now in the best shape I have ever been in and now I  am able to work pain-free.  Steve has an impressive background in sports physiology and years of experience so he is the real deal unlike many of these "crossfit" places that are appearing all over the place where the only requirement to open a gym is to go to a weekend course.  I recommend Revolution without any reservations.

    Jan P.
  • B A. , Revolution Sport & Fitness Testimonials

    Truly the best gym and trainers in town.  I've been working out with Steve for a year and a half and have lost 20 pounds, gained muscle tone, and had a complete change in my body composition.  I've never been good at motivating myself to work out, but the results have been so dramatic that I am motivated to continue.  Put it to you this way (for the ladies), if I had to choose between Revolution Fitness and my Jimmy Choo's...I would choose Revolution.  Seriously.

    B A.


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